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Our lives often seem troubled, burdened with responsibilities and cares that we can feel are unfair.  We can look for someone to blame.

Yet, from a modern spiritual perspective, our lives are opportunities.  Each time we incarnate, we do so for a purpose.  The troubles we face are of our own choosing.

We may not remember making such choices, but the fact that we face them means we did.  

My point with this poem is to say we don’t need to let this get us down.  We can change our attitude and our experience by realizing we live the life we do because we wanted to change.  We wanted to get better at something, or repair a friendship, or love someone we failed at loving in the past.

This is true, even if you’re not inclined to accept the ideas about reincarnation.  Just day to day living without such awareness shows us we can feel better about our lives if we look at the trials as opportunities to grow.

The image of a small moss lade tree that I chose to accompany this poem is one of my favorites.  I was out early as the sun was rising one morning.  This small tree was burdened with the moss, almost to the point of having little of it’s own growth left. Yet, it captured the rising sun brightly.

That’s how I see our opportunities. We simple need to remember that we choose our experiences in order to learn and develop and grow.

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