About Ronald Andrew Murphy

Hi, I appreciate you visiting the site. I hope you’ll find the content here of value to you.

My focus is on exploring contemporary spirituality through creativity.  I compose poems, make art, write and speak about these topics.  My goal is to discover and share paths that help us all progress. 

When I write poetry. I usually couple my poems with images.  I find words and pictures together help me communicate more effectively.  I use the term “Art Poems” to refer to these works.  You’ll find small prints of my Art Poems available for purchase here on the site. 

I also offer larger works that are my art only.  I strive to capture a sense of the universal energy and purpose that infuses us all. These  pieces are designed to hang on the wall in your home or office.  

If I may answer any questions, or you’d like to get in touch  you’re welcome to Contact Me here.  Thanks!